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24 Aug. 2016

Mike and Eric working on a KISS cover song  for a worldwide release ,under a new name: M.w.E 

Right now all preperations and planning  are going on ( recording/ mixing / mastering) for finishing a new track. This new track will be a cover of the famous and legendary rockband KISS title :"Rock and Roll All Night"  And it will be up for official release on Itunes/Spotify/Deezer ect.. (no label, but on own account) as digital download.

Mike is a diehard lifelong kissfan and came up  with a track  he composed, its a  very danceable poprock kinda track 
Although as a kissfan...he was a bit hesitant, knowing that maybe kissfans won't like it, because its a poppy song.
And since the orginal is such a great track you just can't top, you don't want to mess with!
But the whole feel of the song is awesome and catchy and fun, and its a "honour cover" straight from a kissfans heart.
And it will bring this  great anthem song to a whole new crowd
all lyrics of the original kiss song are used, but there is also rap lyrics added, and ofcourse a different approach of music.

our complete  Album on youtube now has Lyrics as subtitles!!, just press the CC (subtitles button, see pic) and lyrics will show !!!
How cool is that !!!

Here is the youtube link check for yourself now !!! : 



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Our first clip , the band was'nt complete yet, only Mike and Eric. 
With their own camera just filmed each other . And little boy in video is Mike's son. 
The kickboxers Eric's  gym "Team Pinas" 
If there is no money for a Musicvideo , you just do it yourself!.
funny is , until now  it is  our most watched video, now headin for 4000 views ,
Did'n see it yet ? here is a snippet look of the video, 
or watch full video   here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1UIQ9jfMr4
This clip is on its way to the 1000 views on YouTube!, here a short snippet of the video
sharing would be cool! such nice memories of making this video , see full clip here :

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