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(HOOFDROL) .....WIE WEET IEMAND ?? (omstr Spijkenisse,  vrijwillige basis)


Recordings Mini album (EP)

Opnemen van onze opkomende EP, is in volle gang
Eerst worden een 2 tal nummers opgenomen , voor  de  nieuwe videoclips,en in januari/februari starten de opnames voor deze nieuwe videoclips !
Wij hopen in mei 2015 de volledige EP af te hebben, met zo'n 7 a 8 nrs !!

Recording is in full swing !
First  we record two songs (for 2 new music video's)  and from January/februari we
will start shooting  new music video's ! 
We hope to finish our EP album in may 2015 containing 7 or 8 songs !!



New Demo hidden in latest video !

Our latest video "thank you video to those who write us"
contains new  instrumental Rock demo !!!
Check it out and listen !!!

latest new video


En speciale Shout out en dank aan Marco Farina die geheel vrijwillig meeging met ons fungeerde als onze "stagehand" deze laatse 3 gigs!!
you were exellent dude !!!! Thank you !!!!!!

(live sportschool teampinas 08-11)

Our next goals

So we had  to change and re-event ourselves, but  finally from the 8th November, we are back live on stage.
It's also time to go further with our new sound,with the line up  as it is.
Our next step and goal (besides getting out live more and more) is to take our music a level higher.
Right now there all demo's on line, but we want to bring you  professional recordings on our first EP album.
Containing some 7 songs, with new songs also!

Once we have Pro recorded the songs, we will pick a song to do a new Music video ( More soon) 

Exiting times coming ahead,

Soon to come also are more LYRIC video's (very soon more)



Special effects will be standard at our gigs !

Wij zijn blij te kunnen  mededelen dat special effects, een vast onderdeel zal worden met onze optredens!.
We hebben hierin samen  geinvesteerd , en aangekocht.
met ons doel, met optreden ook echte show te kunnen geven!
YES !!

We are very happy to announce that special effects will be a standard part of our gigs.
Together we have invested in this, and bought it , so we own it.
with our goal, to give not oly a gig, but a real show ! 



New lyrics video "Destined To Rock" added online


we're number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for NL.

September 2014
We have done a new Photo shoot!!   as 4 man band.
Watch the slideshow here....More will follow soon!
Thanks Irma & Chermon
For voluntary doing this shoot

Status per 12 jan.2014

Check this out.
Here is the complete status of what  is going on with the band 
A look inside facts, and dates 
We are so happy and THANKFULL  with these great numbers, as we are only throwing demo's out there
This is what we are doing it for, and we won't stop.
Our line up is strong and steady, and we are growing into eachother more and more

Thank all of you for believing in us !!!!!

October 2011
Eric and Mike made the decision to make comeback
16 Oct- Created Too Different facebookpage
17 Oct - brought life in youtube channel "TheTOODIFFERENT"
24 Oct- first 4 demo's went online on various music band sites (Time of youre life-destined to rock-Ride on-Dont stop dreaming)
30 oct- 1e video studio vlog online

December 2011
5 dec- destined to rock-  New entry into top 40 ( alle genres)
             and  in catagory "Rock"  on  nr 4
14 dec- NR 1 reverbnation charts (local)

Maart 2012
16 march- release first self made video "Don't stop dreaming"
14 april - 600+ hits on youtube
24 may - 1000+ hits on youtube

new song+new video "something More" online

Sept 2012
Songs/video's  put on german website

Nov 2012
Forming/looking/finalizing  bandmembers 
Entry in band (Hielke-bass/Anton-drums/Kelly-leadguitar)

Dec 2012
8 dec First comeback try out gig at sheggy's place, oud beyerland
(mike/eric/hielke/anton)( first time meeting with robert)

Januari- 2013
18 jan. Robert joins  first time at try out gig at old warehouse, hellevoetsluis
           ( only mike/eric/robert jammed because of heavy snow, anton/hileke/kelly cancelled)
15 jan- in short 3 month time both video's each gets over 3000 views on german website Myownmusic.  

Februari 2013
17 Feb-Anton(drumms) and Kelly(guitar) left the band
Floris is asked,&  joined the band as new drummer

22 Feb- gig +live video recording for new song "got my mind made up"
(Floris first time live with band)
Actual Line up of band  is born : Mike/Eric/Hielke/Robert/Floris

March 2013
22-march- official website went online (

30-march-  song : Don't Stop Dreaming reach No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)

April 2013
25-april Gig + release party new song /new music video "Got my mind made up"
25 april- Video "got my mind made up" went online
30 april - song : Broken heart reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)

May 2013
1 may - song : "Got My mind made up" already reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)
5 may - the first two video's ( dont stop dreaming & Something more) both reach No. 1 & 2  (charts
            at the same time
May = release band t shirts

June 2013 
6 june - with 4 songs at the same time in top 10 !! (crossover top 100/ Myown Music) 
song : "Broken heart" reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)(2nd time)

song : "Don't stop dreaming" reaches No 4. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)
song : "Do it all night" reaches No 6. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)
song : "I will do" reaches No 7. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)

19 june- song : "Broken heart" reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)(3d time)

August 2013
17-Aug-  song : "Broken heart" reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music)(4th time)
22-Aug-  Too Different gets awesome review on song at website

september 2013
22-sept-  song : "Broken heart" reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music) (5th time)

November 2013
Too different gets exposure with  2 pages review  in woodbangers network magazine November issue
12 nov- song : "Broken heart" reaches No 1. (crossover top 100/ Myown Music) (6th time)

This same year video totalviews on youtube is well over 5.800 + and 119 subscribers
and on my own music the total songplays are over 22.000 times !
and total  videoplays  are way over  19.600 views !!!
And also the blogs we write there are total over 19.000 times read
On songplays are well over 3000 plays 
and with total of over 3.100 registerd fans

januari 2014
22 jan-Too different releases official limited edtion demo cd with all demo's made so far(11 tracks)
Including newest demo song : "Voices"

31-jan- Demo "voices" gets online

Weekly emails start coming in from admin of ( from India)
with notifications  that our songs gets played over 200 times per song, per week there!!

Februari 2014
Finishing new music video for song "voices"
planning to release on march/april.

April 2014
Robert leaves the band,  as the band decided to go on as a 4 man band.
All plans are cancelled, band has to rearrange, reform, adjust complete setting.
Band retrieve to rehearsels only, no live performances planned till september 2014.

October 2014
Too different reaches No 1 status National and No1 status Local on

November 2014
COME BACK as 4 man band, with new aproach, new sound!!
First show on nov 8th on eric's at teampinas gym.  
Eric also  on keyboard now, to replace extra guitar.
Line up: Mike vd vaart (lead vocals/rhythem/lead guitars) Eric Pinas (Rap vocals/keyboard), Hielke Bruil (Bass) Floris de vreede(drums)

Dec 2014
Recording in in full swing for upcoming EP, which wil contain 7 or 8 songs.Plan for release in may 2015
2 songs wil be released erlier (jan/Feb) coming with new Music video's   

(Note: all the gigs are not mentioned here, see menu button "past shows" for a look back at all places/dates
check also our " News Archive" for past news )


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Website updates


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What's Up ????

vrijdag 22/03/13 weer een mijlpaal in de geschiedenis van TOO DIFFERENT!!! Onze eigen eerste website!!! 

Eindelijk een officiele eigen website !! werd de hoogste tijd ook!. Nadat we weer opgestart waren eind 2011 begin 2012, hebben we al hoop werk verzet.
Zo'n 9 nummers (Gratis te downloaden) uitgebracht. En ook  2 Videoclips gemaakt , maar het allerbelangrijkste : de band geformeerd !!!

Line up vd band:

Eric Pinas ( Rap / Vocals)
Mike van der vaart (slag-gitaar/Leadzang)
Floris de vreede (drums)
Hielke bruil (bas-gitaar/vocals)

Hopelijk vinden jullie dit een coole site, en tips of ideeen zijn altijd  welkom !! Laat het ons weten. 
Deze site  moet nog groeien, en zullen meer pagina's hierop komen, en natuurlijk alle verse laatste nieuws !!!

Vergeet niet een bericht achter te laten in onze gastenboek !! vinden we kick !!!

Friday, 3/22/13 another milestone in the history of TOO DIFFERENT!! Our own first website!! Finally an official website!! was about time too!. After we started up again late 2011 early 2012, we have lots of work done. About 11 songs (free download) released. And also made ​​3 video clips, but most importantly the band formed!! Line up  band: Eric Pinas (Rap / Vocals) Mike van der Vaart (rhythem-guitar/Leadvocals) Floris de Vreede (drums) Hielke Bruil (bass/vocals) We hope you find this a cool site, and tips or ideas are always welcome! Please let us know. This site is still growing, and more pages will be added, and of course all the fresh news!! Do not forget to check our guestbook! messages we like a lot !!


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